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Introductions + Asset Sharing

We'll start with a quick call to discuss your project and the goals for your brand. Then, you'll complete the Brand Workshop Assignment which will help us to learn more about your brand and business, and your aesthetic sensibilities. 

We'll also create a shared Dropbox folder with subfolders that track your website page structure and content requirements. I’ll share the folder with you, talk you through it, and let you upload assets on your own time. If you are missing assets, I’ll work with you to create a plan to develop or purchase the missing pieces.


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Site Outline + Template Selection

A solid outline acts like a framework to support the buildout of the website itself. Summarizing your website in an outline not only refines your vision, it doubles as a convenient checklist I’ll use while building. 

As we consider templates, we’ll ask critical questions outlined in the following pages to determine which one will work best for you. With template selection, it is important to examine the underlying features and avoid making a decision based solely on demo content.



— 03

The Build

There are lots of ways to approach building a website but I’ve found that breaking the process into four distinct steps works well:

STEP 1 — Architecture setup

STEP 2 — Styling

STEP 3 — Layout and Content

STEP 4 — Finishing touches

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The Handoff

A successful project culminates in a smooth handoff of your brand and website. You’ll have everything you need to manage the day-to-day of your brand and website.

In addition, you’ll receive a downloadable handoff guide that highlights Squarespace Knowledge Base resources and is sure to give you the confidence to manage your new website.