The Brand Box

Starting at $2,295

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Introductions + Brand Workshop

We'll start with a quick call to discuss your project and the goals for your brand. Then, you'll complete the Brand Workshop Assignment which will help us to learn more about your brand and business, and your aesthetic sensibilities. After the Brand Workshop, we'll distill the insights and define the areas of opportunity that will be explored in the design phase of the project to inform our design concepts.


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We'll get to work

At this point your primary brand message, value proposition and brand promise should be clear. We'll use what we've learned to develop 3 distinct brand identity concepts. Together, we’ll select a brand identity that best reflects those values.


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Do you love it?

Finding the right brand identity for your business is like falling in love — when it’s right, you just know. After you’ve selected a concept to move forward with, we’ll take your feedback and make any necessary tweaks and revisions, just to make sure it’s perfect.

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Living with your brand

Once your brand identity is complete, we’ll deliver your Brand Book and asset kit. It will catalog all elements of your brand and provide examples for use, inspiration and other relevant guidelines. It will make managing your brand identity simple and easy-to understand while helping to maintain the consistency and integrity of your brand.